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Sneak around and steal money! Don't get seen by the guards or it's game over! (They can hear you run if you are too close as well)

Walk with WASD or keyboard arrows.

Hold shift to run (don't get heard)

Use Spacebar to hide against a coloured panel, or to pick up items.

Copy the colour from the panel into your palette with Q, cycle through the palette with square brackets.

Check your map with E

If you pick up a noisemaker grenade, throw it with N (you'll have 3 seconds)


This is a prototype of the game I intend to produce (with a teammates from my class) as a final project for the MSc in Creative Digital Media in DIT (Dublin, Ireland).

It's intended as a proof of concept rather than as a complete level, demoing the stealth mechanics and camoflage, as well as enemy AI.

Update July 2, 2015: Next version coming soon!


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